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A leading sales recruitment firm, Pareto USA empowers individuals and businesses to realize their potential.

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Make the most of our experienced sales recruitment services

A sales recruitment firm backed by 25 years of experience, Pareto USA knows how to help you find top sales talent that can transform your business. We look for candidates with strong potential to build the ground floor of your organization. Then we make sure they have the training support they need to create successful outcomes. Let us help you find the difference makers who can lead your business to new heights, no matter what your industry.

Exactly how will our expertise benefit you? Our Assess-Place-Train process, developed over years of sales recruiting, helps reveal candidates’ true potential on a quick timeline. We take time to understand your recruitment profiles, know the right questions to ask to pinpoint your needs, and remain transparent throughout the recruiting process. Whether you’re looking for a diamond in the rough or a polished gem, Pareto USA has the experience to identify the right talent for the position you need to fill.

Your growth is our priority, and we’re passionate about helping you realize your potential. We focus the sales recruitment process on achieving the following goals for your business.

Reduced Ramp Time

We will find and train the best talent to reduce ramp time and increase retention.

Improved ROI

Pareto USA takes an industry-specific approach to sales recruitment designed to improve ROI.

Our 80/20 Mission

We find the top 20% of sales talent who will drive 80% of return for your company.

How does our sales recruitment service work?

As your recruitment partner in the US, we start by helping you determine your needs - from skills and experience to cultural fit and character. We then handpick the best applicants to place in your company based on our years of experience in sales staffing. Placement is not the end of our process. We also supplement your new hires’ onboarding with additional training to ensure they have all the skills they need to succeed.

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Why choose Pareto USA as your recruitment partner?

Pareto brings an extensive global network to the table, connecting you to the top sales talent in the market. From our US headquarters in New York and offices in London and across Europe, we’ve been recruiting sales reps and training the very best sales professionals globally for over 25 years.

We’ve placed over 30,000 college graduates and entry-level sales specialists in their first roles, accelerating their paths to success with our industry-leading training courses, which our graduate recruits are provided with as standard. Bottom line? Whether you’re looking for a talented entry-level sales rep or an experienced high-flier, Pareto is uniquely positioned to find the perfect fit for you.

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