Atheneum redefines how business intelligence is shared across the globe by introducing leading professionals to the highest quality information – anytime, anywhere, within 24-36 hours. They are committed to nurturing deep knowledge, team spirit, cultural diversity and professional growth to ensure their people set them apart in delivering the most tailored client service in the industry.

The Need

Needing to continually grow their team – Atheneum partnered with the Pareto team to find the right candidates for their Research Associate position. A role that is different from the traditional sales development role, but still requires most of the same skills and traits to succeed.

The Solution

The Pareto team slightly modified the assessment process to best fit the Research Associate role, replacing the sales pitch with a case study. This allowed the Atheneum team to better gauge candidates on competency and led to hiring batches of 5-10 at a time over the past couple years the most recent of which was 10 Research Associates in New York City.

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