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Justin Dempsey Course Leader

Whether you need to train entry-level talent or make sure your current team is firing on all cylinders to meet quotas, our Value Driven Meetings course can help. Your team will learn a range of techniques to ensure their sales presentations or product demonstrations reliably result in concrete client commitments. Topics like delivering a compelling opening, asking the right questions, and handling client resistance offer the practical input they need to keep your company growth goals on track.

Course Overview

This course is designed to help your salespeople master the art of selling. They will learn how to prepare for sales meetings and product demonstrations in a way that will make them stand out from your competition. They will discover how to set an agenda and deliver a compelling opening that will capture your client's attention from the very start. Our course will equip your team with techniques that will allow them to stay in control during a meeting and develop a line of high-impact questions that will uncover your client's pain points and needs. We will also teach them how to ask key questions that will help you understand your prospect's drivers and internal processes. They will be able to present back benefits and value to your customers based on their specific needs, identify objections, and handle resistance with ease. Most importantly, they will learn how to obtain commitment, close for next steps, and ask for referrals. This course will give your team the tools they need to take their sales skills to the next level and achieve greater success.

Key Outcomes from Value Driven Meetings

Course participants will be able to:

  • Effectively prepare for sales meetings and product demonstrations. 

  • Demonstrate how to set an agenda and deliver a compelling opening for a meeting. 

  • Utilize techniques that enable the seller to keep control during a meeting. 

  • Develop a line of high-impact questioning to discover client pain or need. 

  • Ask key questions to understand prospects’ drivers and internal processes. 

  • Present back benefits and value to the customer based on specific needs. 

  • Identify objections and adequately handle resistance during a meeting. 

  • Demonstrate the ability to obtain commitment, close for next steps, and ask for referrals.

Modules Covered

Day 1

  • Understanding Selling Styles

  • Preparing for the Meeting

  • Meeting with Your Client

  • Gathering Information

Day 2 

  • Building the Need

  • Presenting a Solution

  • Handling Resistance

  • Gaining Commitment

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