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Granicus Case Study

We partnered with Granicus to find their next team of 20 BDRs in four weeks.

Granicus provides technology and services that empowers government organizations to create seamless digital experiences for the people they serve. They offer cloud-based solutions for communications, content management, and digital services to more than 5,500 public sector organizations.

The need

In a time of continued growth and expansion, Granicus needed to quickly build a remote team of 20 capable business development representatives. They partnered with Pareto USA to run 2-4 assessment days to locate qualified candidates.

The solution

In partnership with Granicus, Pareto USA sourced 34 strong candidates on the very first assessment day. After spending the day with the candidates, the Granicus team found all 20 sales-motivated hires they were looking for. Total turnaround time for the recruitment process was ~4 weeks.

The results: Where are they now?

Since being placed in February 2022, all 20 BDR hires are still with Granicus and doing well — a retention rate of 100%! Granicus has since partnered again with Pareto to hire five more BDRs.

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