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We give entry-level sales talent a strong foundation on which to build their career.

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Pareto USA’s basic sales training course enables entry-level talent to develop and apply the fundamental sales skills necessary to engage with decision-makers, enhance their careers, and help grow your business.

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Austin Brown Course Leader

Our Sales Essentials course is designed for those beginning their first role in sales. Your salespeople will learn a range of the most successful selling techniques - from cold calling to building customer relationships. So, when you partner with Pareto USA as your sales skills training provider, we will help you realize the potential of your business and get the careers of your future sales superstars off to a hot start.

Course Overview

Pareto USA's Sales Essentials course helps beginning sales professionals build a strong foundation in skills they will use for the rest of their careers. This basic sales training program presents core sales techniques that are flexible and effective. We cover all critical elements of the sales process, from lead generation to cold calling. By the end of the course, learners will be ready to successfully handle the most common and demanding elements of their sales role.

We make sure this entry-level sales course stays practical, challenging, and fun to keep beginners engaged and motivated. The training also provides an excellent opportunity for learners to interact with others new to sales and make professional connections. With both strong basic sales training and professional support, they will be empowered to pursue an accelerated career in sales.

Course delivery is available both in person and virtually. Whichever you choose, we’ll make sure your salespeople engage in practical application, receive instructional support, and are challenged to develop the skills that will boost their careers and help your business rise above the competition.

Key Outcomes from Sales Essentials

Our specialist trainers will coach your salespeople through sales basics for beginners. By the end of the course, your talent will be able to:

  • Identify the attributes of a successful seller

  • Identify how to effectively use a consultative sales approach to drive sales performance

  • Demonstrate the 9 steps of the buying process and identify how to support a client’s progression through each stage

  • Demonstrate how to make a winning cold call

  • Effectively and professionally get past gatekeepers

  • Handle objections confidently and professionally to improve levels of client commitment 

Training Approach

Training methods in this entry-level sales course emphasize interactive work focused on practical application.

Modules Covered

As a sales course for beginners, this class will cover the following basic selling concepts and skills that every new sales professional should know:

  • Selling: What is selling?

  • Communication Skills: Getting the message across

  • Questioning and Listening: The power of asking the right things at the right time

  • Qualification: From lead generation and beyond

  • Features and Advantages: Explaining what’s in it for the customer

  • Booking a Meeting: Getting a foot in the door

  • Objection Handling: Overcoming hurdles

  • Closing: The importance of the end

  • Personality Profiling: Knowing your customer

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