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Pareto USA offers this masterclass in social selling skills to help your top talent and your business realize their potential.

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Help your sales professionals learn how to leverage social media to make sales in Pareto USA's Social Selling course. We give your talent the tools to promote, connect, and sell through a variety of social media platforms. These skills can help amplify their success and your business. 

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Rob Welling Course Leader

What is social selling? We’re glad you asked. The term refers to a collection of strategies and skills specifically aimed at making sales through social media. Designed for salespeople who have taken their tactics online, this practical course walks your talent through everything they need to know about finding and engaging new prospects, from lead generation on social media to gaining commitments. This course is available remotely.

Course Overview

This course begins by showing learners how key social selling skills can help generate, qualify, and maximize sales opportunities through social media. This interactive course dispels the myth that “social selling doesn't work” and looks at using social media to engage sales prospects who may be working from home.

Pareto USA’s social selling training prepares delegates with practical tools and techniques to get to the next sales cycle stage, mainly when working in a remote environment. It’s a must-have for anyone generating new business. Enroll your top talent in our online social selling masterclass, and you’ll help them realize their sales potential.

Key Outcomes from Social Selling

By the end of this training course, your delegates will:

  • Build a professional profile on LinkedIn

  • Use social media to generate leads and fill your pipeline

  • Acquire social selling skills and apply gaining commitment techniques

  • Understand the difference between tailored and targeted messaging

  • Build a social selling cadence plan for both prospects and contacts 

  • Create a voice and video note using our ‘show me you know me’ techniques

Training Approach

During an interactive virtual session, your salespeople will learn how to build a personal brand, understand a specific target audience, and deliver a relevant and scalable message on social media.

Delegates will apply their newfound skills in a final evaluation demonstrating how to create a video log as an effective outreach message.

Our social selling course is delivered virtually. Delegates must bring their mobile device to the session.

Modules Covered

This course covers three key skill areas for those selling on social media:

  • Developing a personal and professional brand.

  • Connecting with a specific target audience.

  • Delivering a compelling message that drives engagement.

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We believe that social selling is the future of sales. If you want to give your professionals the ability to achieve the maximum lead generation and sales on social media for your business, get in touch with us today.

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