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Either virtual or in person in our New York office, we invite leaders from any organization to view one of our renowned Assessment Days. At no cost, get in touch and speak to a team member to get you a close up look at how Pareto has been finding the best B2B sales talent for businesses over the past 27+ years.

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Is hiring salespeople on contract right for your organization?

See how hiring on contract stacks up against traditional outsourcing and the options for flexible growth Pareto USA has to offer.

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At Pareto USA, we make it our business to help individuals and organizations reach their full potential. Armed with a placement and training process developed over 25 years, our USA recruiting offices have proven a valuable partner to more than 250 fast-growing companies across the country. We’ve helped organizations from start-ups to Fortune 500 enterprises transform and grow their business across sales divisions and critical projects. 

Partner with us, and we’ll locate and train sales candidates, upskill your current teams, and find the executive talent your business needs, no matter what industry you’re in. We offer speed and efficiency plus benefits like reduced ramp time and improved retention. You’ll gain competent and motivated teams who can increase your ROI on your go to market functions.

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We are a leading USA recruiting, placement, and training partner. We take people with high potential, provide them with globally recognized accredited sales training, and place them into positions where they can excel.

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What can Pareto USA do for you?

We're experts in placing and training the right people for the right positions. Our Assess-Place-Train model optimizes the recruiting process, reducing ramp time, decreasing turnover, and putting our clients and candidates in the best position to succeed.

Pareto Graduate Sales Recruitment Assessment Day

Sales Recruitment

Superstars are hard to find. Pareto USA’s proven Assess-Place-Train recruiting process helps you locate the best-fit talent for your business. This interactive training approach scaffolds candidates to sales success so they can hit the ground running on arrival.

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Sales Training

Pareto's partnership and expertise continue after placement. We provide top-level sales training to speed up ramp time, increase retention, and upskill your new or existing teams. These are delivered complimentary to our bespoke recruitment process, or individually as modules to existing teams.

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Executive Woman Hiring a New Employee

Executive Search

Looking to recruit executives with proven skills and vision? Pareto USA connects you to a senior sales leader network that includes over 50,000 successful professionals across hundreds of industries, among them thousands of our own successful alumni.

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Executive Woman Hiring a New Employee

Sales Outsourcing

Need to scale but have no budget for hiring? Can’t commit to hiring staff long term? Outsource your hiring and HR functions while keeping management control of your talent. Get the talent you need with the flexibility required and increase revenue without impacting headcount.

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