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A customized sales performance training solution specific to your business and its needs designed to fast track ROI

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Custom-Made Sales Training by Industry

No matter the industry or department, we've got the experience and expertize you're after.

We know your industry and we know its dynamics and challenges. From telecoms to manufacturing, finance to logistics, media to construction, and so many more, we've created unique sales development solutions for over 100 different industries. We also go further than sales, with tailored solutions available to suit teams who need to improve their service and negotiation skills in the current landscape. Our tailored sales solutions address a variety of challenges and opportunities, from increasing margins to negotiation skills, and much more.

Drive your profits with our tailored training program - Accelerate

We've been helping businesses to unlock their potential for over twenty-five years. We specialize in designing custom sales training programs for your sales team, tailored with your profits in mind. 

Partnering with market-leading organizations around the world, we work across a huge variety of industries from manufacturing to FinTech. Through years of experience, and with a proven track record of success, we've designed our four-step training program, Accelerate.

We Audit, Align, Attain Accredit your business to fast-track ROI. This process allows us to identify and implement business-critical changes to significantly improve the efficiency and profitability of your sales team.

Recognizing that it is fundamental to first assess areas that need support within your business, we conduct a full audit of your business to reveal strengths and gaps to provide objective feedback & recommendations.

Our tailored sales training is driven by results

We view training as an investment in your staff which should deliver against set KPIs. This is why our custom training solutions are developed with KPIs established from the start. Our Commercial Output Document allows us to record these KPIs early on and track your businesses' performance following our intervention. This ensures a substantial and meaningful ROI for our clients.

Our training has helped hundreds of clients to:

  • Improve conversion rates
  • Increase revenue from current accounts
  • Drive new business
  • Improve cross-selling, upselling & strategic sales method
  • Increase profits & margins, gaining maximum ROI

Delivering World-Class Sales Training Across the Globe

For a multinational business, finding an effective, experienced worldwide training provider who speaks multiple languages and understands the nuances of local sales cultures is an ever-present challenge.

Pareto's Global Solutions team successfully designs and delivers training programs in a multitude of countries across the world. Wherever your sales teams are based, we're able to provide a solution.

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