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Looking for a true sales leader who is guaranteed to make an impact? Partner with Pareto USA, a leading executive search firm with more than two decades of experience, to conduct your executive search. We’ve worked with the CEOs, Presidents, and Sales Directors of some of the most demanding, sales-oriented businesses globally. Our professional network includes over 50,000 successful sales leaders, including thousands of our own successful alumni, across hundreds of industries. We're uniquely positioned to bring you the top executive-level sales talent your company needs. In fact, chances are we know your best-fit candidate already!

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It’s no surprise that our New York executive recruiters have experience and expertise that have taken the US staffing sector by storm! We are inspired by the successes of the senior sales executives we place into businesses, who continually deliver results for their companies. In addition to placing senior sales professionals, we have also placed and trained thousands of entry-level sales specialists. We’re proud to say that many of these Pareto alumni have grown to be successful sales leaders and even business founders.

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