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Pareto has been recruiting and training sales professionals for more than 20 years. We’ve successfully placed over 23,000 and trained more than 120,000, so we know what makes a real sales pro. The proof? Our interview-to-placement ratio in executive sales recruitment is 3:1. We work with a number of large companies in a variety of industries so you can find the perfect executive job for your career progression, whether you’re a Senior Sales Professional, Manager, Sales Director, or a VP of Sales. With Pareto, you can realize your full potential.

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If you're a seasoned sales professional, no matter the position, we have a wide variety of sales executive jobs that will suit you. Check out what’s currently available and if you don't see the perfect fit, then submit your resume to put yourself in the running for future vacancies. We’re always talking to companies who need to locate top sales executive talent.

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As a leading sales executive recruitment company in New York and the market leaders in the UK, we've got a reputation to maintain. This is why we get to know you ourselves before putting you forward for a specific sales executive position, ensuring a perfect match for both client and candidate. We have an industry-leading interview-to-placement ratio of 3:1 — testament to how attentive we are to the requirements of both parties.

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We partner with a wide array of industry-leading clients, from small and medium businesses to large global organizations, such as Adobe, Oracle, and Panasonic.

We recruit for sales executive roles ranging from Senior Sales Managers to Sales Directors and Global Vice Presidents.

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Are you looking for a comprehensive and reliable executive search agency to support your recruitment needs? Well, look no further. With our extensive experience, we can help you hire the sales executives you need to drive the business growth you want.

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