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What we do at Pareto USA

At Pareto USA, sales is our language. We specialize in delivering top sales talent, sales leadership, and sales training to drive growth and take your business to new heights.

We only provide top talent, working with you to understand your business and provide the best fit. What’s more, we don’t just “hire and hand off.” As your committed partner, we take the time to build relationships.



Where we started

Pareto was built on a vision of hiring a fresh, young sales workforce that delivered. Since 1996, we have focused on selecting, hiring, and training the best salespeople. We’ve taken that philosophy global, including in our USA offices.

Pareto USA was founded upon the principle of Pareto's Law, or the 80/20 rule. That means we find the top 20% of talent at any level that delivers 80% of the results across the sales industry. By narrowing down the field this way, we are the strategic and efficient recruiting partner that businesses and top sales talent need.

We understand the impact your sales team has on your organization. 

Our unique candidate assessment process combined with our vast candidate network allows us to filter down to the top 20% of talent and make them accessible to you.

Where we are now

Over 25 years and 30,000+ sales graduates later. We’ve learnt a lot. We’ve become global. With offices all over the world, we pride ourselves on our ability to resource and train staff at any level in the fields of sales, leadership, digital, project management and business analysis. 
Businesses of all sizes are using our services, all around the world - from Graduate recruitment, sales and leadership training, executive recruitment and more - in their own ways to make their teams more efficient and stronger. We are built on helping businesses and employees realize their potential. 

Our reach

Headquartered in Manhattan, New York, Pareto USA is a global business and work to help businesses assess, place and train the best people in the market, no matter where they are.

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The best part of connecting the best salespeople with growing and market-leading companies is to see how far that potential can go.

Our team at Pareto USA

We’ve worked hard to create an inclusive and encouraging environment. We want our people to feel motivated, energized, and excited about the work they do. 

We foster the kind of working culture that encourages and supports everyone to seize the day, take ownership, and make things happen.

Built on self-belief and hard work, Pareto’s founding philosophy is instilled in our team. We are our people. Our team works hard and they go the extra mile. If you think you’ve got what it takes, then why not join the Pareto USA team?

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