About 1E

1E are an enterprise software solutions company with one simple mission: to enable customers to automate the full software lifecycle across their business.

Counting high profile organisations including Dell, Nestle, Verizon Wireless, BNP Paribis and Ford Motor Company amongst their clients, 1E have generated over $2.6bn of productivity improvements and reduced CO2 emissions by an incredible 12.4 million tons.

Due to a rapid expansion which required a high performance sales team, 1E have partnered with Pareto Law for in excess of ten years to support the growth of their sales department.

We spoke to Stephen Daley, Sales Director at 1E to find out how Pareto's graduate sales recruitment solutions have added value to their growing business.

"Why did you bring in Pareto?"

We are expanding rapidly, and we needed great sales talent fast, too many to find in house. I’m interested in people who want to make a really successful career out of sales, not those just looking for a first job – and Pareto excels in finding that kind of talent.

"Where has Pareto been of most value?"

What Pareto does so well, and the competition can’t match, is the screening and the assessment day. That is where Pareto really stands out. You attract the best candidates, and you know how to assess them. To be able to see them first hand is fantastic.

The exercises work so well - particularly the interview in which the candidates have to pitch – the whole process really enables the best to shine, and I always know there and then who is right for our business.

"What are the wider challenges you face as a business? How has Pareto been able to support?"

Our software is the best. Our challenge is in prospecting - identifying the right people to reach out and connect with.

It’s also in mentoring and supporting the team. Sales can be tough, especially right out of school, and it’s so important that people feel supported and motivated, but hard to always achieve as a manager.

The Pareto training is a major support here - and so hard to replicate internally. It gives people the mentoring and the techniques they need to succeed.

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