23Feb, 2023

Managing Tough Markets


This event has passed - be sure to look out for more in the future! If you need any insight or services, feel free to contact us! A free & quick overview on how to optimize your team's resources and maximize their performance in a difficult seller landscape. There will also be an open question and engagement forum with our experienced sales trainers!


The Pareto Team

Guest Speakers

Robin Underwood

Senior Training Consultant

Justin Dempsey

Senior Training Consultant

Austin Brown

Sales Trainer

About this event

In This Session From 12:15 to 12:45, You’ll Learn:

  • How to manage a tough market and trying to keep client/customer loyalty/engagement
  • Learning the why behind why clients should use you/buy from you
  • The benefits of persistence
  • How to spark conversations
  • How you should treat clients in a remote environment i.e. (Covid/recession/bad or normalizing market)

Session Agenda:

  • About Us
  • How We Help
  • Why You Over Other Companies?
  • Cadences & Variation to Grab Attention & Engage
  • Questioning & Good Practices (Insight, Personalization, Client Success)
  • Q&A

Oh, and cookies! See you there!

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