Short or Long Term Contract Hiring

Hire for Sales Roles on Contract

Need to scale but have no budget for hiring? Can’t commit to hiring staff long term?

Get the talent you need with the flexibility required and increase revenue without impacting headcount.

Hire on contract dependent on your needs

You get the staff you need, when you need them. They are managed by you, in your office, but on our headcount. You reduce the risk and costs by outsourcing assessment, hiring, training, payroll, expense management, and all HR matters to us. You keep control of your data and build a bench of talent you can flip to your headcount at any point, future-proofing your sales team while you build pipeline.

Advantages of contracting vs outsourcing talent

  • Cost Efficiency
    Simple, easy to understand plans that allow you to focus on where you need to scale and strategically utilize your resources. Zero up front cost options available.

  • Flexibility & Agility
    Easily add or remove contracted talent from your team according to your changing needs.

  • Risk Reduction
    With Pareto USA’s contract hiring solution, it’s impossible to overcommit. Everything in your control, from sales operations & data to day to day management. We handle HR and payroll.

Contracting is on the rise

About 1 in 5 people in the US work under contract in their profession. It’s time to broaden your talent pool.
The amount companies save on average when they outsource HR functions like hiring, recruiting, compliance, etc. (NAPEO)
Over 1,700 businesses across the US and UK take advantage of our sales contracting model.

Why hire on contract with Pareto USA?

Thinking of looking at outsourced options for your sales operations? Consider hiring off headcount on contract:

You pick your salespeople; we train them, we employ them, we pay them, and you manage them.

Pareto USA’s contract hiring offers you the very best Pareto graduates, fully assessed and trained so that they’re ready to hit the ground running.

  • Candidates are issued 7 days worth of modular sales training through our process

  • Fast speed to hire & ramp for your fully trained contract salespeople

  • 12-month free replacement guarantee is issued for every candidate

  • HR and payroll processes are managed by Pareto USA

  • You enjoy flexible, quality sales services with low risks

We’ll work with you to manage performance and support ongoing training as a partner throughout the contract term.

Ready to increase revenue without increasing headcount?

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About Pareto USA

We've been refining our sales recruitment, training, and contracting processes for 25 years. Using our hard-earned expertise to identify and hire the brightest talent for your specific business needs is the foundation of our sales contracting approach. We also offer you flexibility, allowing you to take your sales professionals on as permanent staff or give notice to end the contract at any time, depending on your circumstances.

Finally, we believe talent needs to be nurtured to excel. That's why we include in-depth sales training as standard. Our training covers the vital sales skills your contracted hires need to succeed, including the following courses:

  • Sales Essentials

  • Social Selling

  • Value Driven Meetings

  • Proactive Prospecting

Find your next game-changer with Pareto USA

If you are seeking a proactive and reliable approach to support your sales contracting needs, we can help. Our sales outsourcing service connects you with the top talent that can help your business realize its potential.

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