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IT Sales Recruitment in New York

By 2024, the US will be short 1.1 milliion STEM workers if current trends continue, according to a recent report by American Action Forum (AAF).

One of the main areas of recruitment affected is around IT / Technical skill-based jobs such as technical support or technical pre-sales. Add to this the challenge that not all STEM graduates possess the necessary skills to deal directly with customers and you end up with some very challenging roles to fill.

Pareto Tech is a unique IT and Technical recruitment agency that assesses and places high calibre graduates into technical sales jobs. We combine a unique blend of strong technical background with superior interpersonal skills. Each candidate is then supported with communication and commercial skills training to give them the ability to present and solve technical issues daily with customers. 

Our Expertise

Pareto Tech Expertise

We are specialists in two areas: commercial skills development and grad recruitment.
This means we are uniquely placed to find the very best IT-centric graduates for customer-facing sales roles.

30,000 applicants

More than 30,000 Pareto Tech Applications

Pareto already receives 30,000 Technical STEM graduate applications a year. This gives us an existing pool of talent to assess for our clients who are interested in IT recruitment.

Training included

Pareto Tech Training

Our Leading Commercial and Communication skills training business allows us to develop the client skills of every Tech candidate with 4 training courses. 

Track record

To date we have placed over one hundred STEM graduates with tech giant Oracle and continue to work with them on their graduate recruitment goals. 

Pareto matched me to some of the most interesting and knowledgeable people in the industry. It’s great for me to be able to learn from the experts. David Raspin, Applications Consultant, Oracle
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How it works

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    Over 360,000 graduates apply to join the Pareto recruitment process every year (30,000 per month).

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    An initial telephone interview by our highly skilled and trained team identifies those with STEM degrees, technical talent and potential to go through to the assessment stage.

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    Our technical recruitment specialists will assess each delegate against a list of core competencies to find those with the skills and sales acumen to become superstars of the future.

  • 4


    Once we have found the very best graduates from our assessment process, we cross reference their technical background against your requirements, and hand pick 2 or 3 for every position available in your organisation.

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    Commercial Training

    Once you’ve made your decision and a job offer is accepted, we set out to equip your graduate with all the tools they need to be effective within the commercial environment.

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