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From learning the fundamentals in sales through to sealing the deal with negotiation skills, our pioneering virtual courses will help you to re-energise your sales cadence, and make a real impact on your business performance by developing techniques; new and old.


How does virtual sales training work?


The world of business evolves rapidly thanks to technology, and in order to evolve with it, you need to be at the cutting edge of sales training and development. To keep up with the fast-paced, demanding climate, your sales people need to be fully equipped with the latest techniques, behaviours, and strategies to excel in sales.


Our new and improved online virtual training courses range from 'Sales Fundamentals’ to 'Proactive Prospecting', perfectly combine a variety of blended learning methodologies with our expert New York sales training coaching, to help you overcome any remote obstacles and unlock future opportunities in any sales situation.

Sales Fundamentals

All critical elements of the sales process, from lead generation to cold calling.

Social Selling

Connect with your clients, prospects and broaden your sales outreach.

Proactive Prospecting

Practically engage with prospects who may be working from home.

Effective Virtual Meetings

Create effective meeting agendas and compelling sales solutions.

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Sales Fundamentals

Sales Fundamentals is a robust foundation programme designed for anyone starting their first role in sales. This virtual course covers all critical elements of the sales process, from lead generation through to cold calling.


During this virtual workshop, you will learn how to:

Effectively use a consultative sales approach to drive sales performance

Create compelling openings to engage with decision makers

Demonstrate and assess how to make a winning cold call

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Social Selling

In an ever-changing sales climate, exploring new ways of building connections with your clients and prospects is more important than ever. This course will enable you to broaden your sales outreach, develop your activity cadence, and ultimately drive more sales connections.


During an interactive virtual 2 hour session you will learn how to:

Develop your personal and professional brand

Connect with your audience

Deliver a compelling message that drives engagement


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Proactive Prospecting

An enlightening virtual training course which begins with how a positive mind-set is the key to generate, qualify and maximise sales opportunities on the telephone. This interactive course dispels the myth that “cold calls don’t work” and looks at practically engaging prospects who may be working from home, through both telephone and social media engagement. 


During this online interactive workshop, you will learn how to: 

Understand the importance of lead generation and pipeline

Identify how to use effective questioning

Live call coaching


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Effective Virtual Meetings

With the world of sales constantly evolving, you must evolve with it by ensuring you develop your ability to run effective virtual meetings. This course will enhance your ability to lead sales meetings in a virtual environment. At the end of the course, you will be able to control the meeting agenda, build value and pick up on buying signals in order to create compelling sales solutions.


During this interactive 2 hour session, you will learn how to:

Plan your virtual meeting

How to question effectively

Build urgency in the sale to close


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