The Digital Revolution has changed how we learn forever

By 2019 it's estimated 50% of classes will take place online

In the digital age, where the youngest generation are described as being born with mobile phones in their hands, elearning is naturally becoming increasingly popular. A survey of 'Gen Z' showed that they prefer a blended learning approach using both classroom and digital learning methods. 

As established market leaders in Sales Training, Pareto are again leading the way with a breakthrough Digital and Blended learning programme. 

This powerful combination of acclaimed classroom techniques and interactive digital content ensures Long-term Behaviour Change, Sales Impact and Return on Investment.

The 'My Pareto' Learning Management System is designed to be a simple, user-friendly platform where a series of questions assess the embedding of module content. It's been developed as part of a blended learning approach, where digital compliments classroom training.

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50% of classes are expected to take place online by 2019


Elearning has expanded by 900% since 2000


83% of people use mobile devices to learn and train

Why digital learning?

84% of skills based learning is forgotten on leaving the classroom if not applied – but all too often leaders lack the time and resource to embed the new learning.

Our new suite of independent digital learning programmes addresses this problem head on.

Pareto Digital Learning not only empowers managers to track the individual’s progress, but is uniquely designed to ensure long-term behaviour change, sales impact and return on investment.

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Digital and blended learning

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